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Hi, I'm Rishov! I'm a student, tutor, entrepreneur, scientist, and writer.

I have this crazy dream to change the world for the better.

I am a student at Pitzer College, one of the prestigious Claremont Colleges and the 21st most selective college in the country.

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My Tutoring Business

Science or Mathematics

Web Development

Mobile App Development


I love to help people achieve their educational goals.

I also have this secret love for teaching.

Contact me to learn more about my service.

My Ventures


Role: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technical Officer

I'm starting a revolution in STEM education by motivating students to get involved in projects and pursue ideas in a community space and improve accessibility to educational and physical resources for these students to make a real world impact. Currently collaborating on this venture with Skylus Solutions at Harvey Mudd College.


Role: Chief Technical Officer

I'm working alongside Si Cave, Pitzer College 17', to make the results of one's genomic analysis more easily understood by the average consumer and provide dynamic visuals to educate someone on the process of sequencing and information in regards to his or her own genome.


Role: Co-Founder, Chief Machine Learning Engineer

I'm working alongside Rosendo Ramos, University of La Verne 18', on using artificial intelligence algorithms to make a very smart machine become a mental health therapist and converse with a patient and perform cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).Rosendo and I won the 1st prize at University of La Verne's MakerFair (Shark Tank event) for our idea and presentation.

5C Ventures

Role: Co-Founder

I'm working alongside Quinntin Ruiz, Pomona College 17', to create a fund and conglomeration for all entrepreneurship groups at the Claremont Colleges.

My Life as a Student

Data Science

I am currently creating my own major at Pitzer College called Data Science. I am acknowledging the importance of data to our everyday lives and planning to do what it takes to make our standard of living even better by improving the handling of big data in various applications.

I take courses in three areas:

  • Computer Science / Machine Learning
  • Statistics / Mathematics
  • Medicine / Biotechnology

Claremont Splash

I am a teacher at Claremont Splash. I plan to teach the following courses to high school students during the spring of 2017 :

  • Precision Medicine
  • STEM Education and Tech Entrepreneurship
  • Responsive Web Development


I conducted research at the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences.

I am currently doing independent research on the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

My Music